Female Guitarist – YouTuber

Playing solo is Juliette Valduriez, one of many young female talented guitarists you can find on youtube. Before youtube, I never seen Juliette nor any other female virtuoso perform anywhere.. except Jennifer Batten, of course. Today, I find so many videos show female talents on guitar.. some of them: yasi13, mssandrabae, sarah michelle, shanibanez,  andreiapasso, or some less youtuber but they’re there, like su, jess, this, this, this, and more..
Watching those video makes me think that I am not even close as a guitar player. They play difficult shred at very young ages, while I spent years to learn to cover a malmsteen’s solo imperfectly. Could this be an obvious example of morphic resonance that makes the next generation always do better than their predecessor?
Anyway.. I found a generic comment appears on almost all of those videos.. It says, “Marry me…”. These girls wouldn’t be worry much to look for their future husband.

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