To: Paul Caridad Sanchez (soloride)

To: Paul Caridad Sanchez

cc: Oprah, Schwab, BBC, NBC, Mommies, Twitterers, Geeks

bcc: The World

Subject: simply want to be your friend

hi Paul,

Ok, I got your attention now. Instead of replying via Twitter DM, I like to do it in a post where I can be more than 140 characters, thus (probably) give your video few extra hits from my network and Google search result. I am not really sure this works… but hey, let’s give it a try.

You asked me what inspired me to follow you. To answer that, I have to memorize my twitterring activities in a past few week.

Twitter has been the center of attention for social media analyst in the past few months, and I read what those social media guys write about it. So many, then I decided to actively follow more people just to have sort of “experience” added on comprehending what those guy blog about. Not as much as you do but reasonably sufficient for me.

Note: I still don’t get it how Jake Marsh, Calacanis or Scoble listen to tons of twitterers, I suspect they frequently check at replies or utilize tweetscan and summize more than everybody else.

Here’s how. I find people to follow from some references like these:

  • A post by Jeremiah Owyang to encourage social media people (who follow him) to connect each other. I checked you weren’t there.
  • Twubble by crazybob definitely helps to find like-minded, friends of friends to follow. This could be the connector.
  • Nice posts I read and happens that the blog owner have a twitter account. Did not read yours until yesterday.
  • Tweetscan result (I did on intention to find people to follow only once, with keyword “South East Asia”, “Asia”, “Indonesia” and “Jakarta”) which clearly, you never listed there.
  • Random picks from friends’ follow. Possible connector
  • Random tweets. Possible connector.

Knowing the one to follow is important for me. I don’t want too much noise and could worse, spams in my page. Simply say, I tried to be bit organized on listening whilst I don’t want to miss good contextual tweet either. So I do these things before decision to follow:

  • Check the Twiterer’s bio and stat. Recency, how many updates, friends and followed. You are a digg addict, then must be interesting links come out from your tweets. Your stat says that you need more followers (friends).
  • Visit the Twiterer’s website and found out more about the person. You won on this

Ok, enough all about social media, twitter crap. Now, here is why I follow you. I watched all your videos, visited your lousy blog, and helloed @you. Then I conclude:

You are a great man and I want to be your friend. I empathize your cause, admire your spirit and think that your doing is a portrait of struggling (see this blog title), thus will actively support you. Your presence in this blog could inspire others…

About your blog. Please do post properly, so people can track you conveniently then you can benefit more from organized feedback. You would benefit more from a mention in a Seth’s post, of course the blogosphere.

About the your video view count. I think your old 8 wishes & 10,000 miles video is a bit overtime by last message loop. Approximately you wasted 2 minutes, whilst youtube counts a valid view only for a full view (a research by tubemogul). Probably missed some view counts there. You were doing better with the new 8 wishes but way too little views compare to the old one.

look forward to hear your updates. Good luck and God Bless You


For everyone: to know about Paul Caridad Sanchez, please view his 8 wishes video and don’t stop until the video end. Also, don’t forget to visit his blog


Oprah, please interview this nice guy.

Immature Older Guy

Dear God,

I know that You did so, made me did what I did. Was not grateful bit sometimes and vanity was all over me all the time. You've made me never be the best of the best, the better or the worse… You just somehow adjusting the field… so I had to, but I had not did the best I could… Yet, patience all Yours… I was torturing myself not had You as my friend… 

I did not do what I had to.

For the better as You told me, I waited and idled… but my mouth produced craps, all about the best.. and I cheated… but mostly idled..

I am immature older guy, today… 

You put me among those whom caring and the best I should more than grateful… are not what they had not did nor were… but they just simply Your voice… Blinded, I ignored… but they never gave up on me… I am blessed but did not know… but that's all I was for past few years..

They are my family, friends and others, giving me more than love… I am down on my knees begging You, hoping more from and for them… to keep me alive…

Remorse, You might say… A prayer…  blessing and everything Divined for them.. Have Mother Mary around… 

and all for the Glorification and Joy!

Thank You, dear God.

- ad maiorem dei gloriam – 

laziness kills (curiosity does not)

True. I have this laziness big time to deal with. All the time and all my consciousness has…

To think is another different issue that I would never give up for anything… only I'd hardly ever stay focus on matters.. This been going on since hundred years and deep inside I always found someone to blame on… My family, girlfriends, friends…

Now. I am trying to be diligent… Yes, some people trust me on doing things. These irresponsible senses are grudging my nerve.. and I hate being one of those smuck…

Remind me on things I have to:

  • Do those NET projects
  • Do wake up earlier
  • Do pay the bills!!! (avoid penalties)
  • Do manage the cash (after all I should be the king, not cash)
  • Do clean up my place (home, office, workshop)
  • Do greet family, partner, co-worker, friends (they also have their birthdays)
  • Do chase the dreams!!!

…for these probably some reasons I live this life…

Buka Bersama Fisip 92

Akhirnya setelah bertahun-tahun nggak ketemuan, kemarin terjadilah ketemuan dengan alasan buka bersama. Pondok Raja Bebek (Duck King) PIM II, pas jam buka puasa. Photo-photo secara kamera canggih (karena gue udik) oleh Adrie:

  • versi komplit yang bisa di download (2,5 MB) klik di sini
  • versi facebook yang udah ada tag nya, klik di sini
  • dan di bawah ini adalah versi yang tinggal diliat aja…


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The Struggling Dreams

That what I called Struggling Dreams. When dreams exists only in your subconscious and your daily routine, your so called normal life, your short-term expectation and other not so important things in the way. Dreams that left abandoned while people around you tell that you're doing good, that you're performing well, that you will become somebody that they think you really up to… but they never understand what you really really up to…

Dreams are struggling to exist and we often bury them during our daily activities. People don't understand our dreams, they only think that we up to something. Thus people tend to discourage, misleading and give confusing opinion on how to achieve in certain topic.

I say dreams are life essences. Something that moves you to the right path, the most encouraging, the purpose of your life, the vision that build mission you should accomplish. Something that one should focused in.

Dreams are always good because they built by heart, soul and most beautiful life experiences. For all beautiful experiences are the best lessons.

This post just like some other things is a reminder for one to live the dreams and never leave them behind due to whatever else that could be "current obligation". In such situation, never bury but keep. Let them struggle within…

To live the dreams is to live the life. The most precious in life is you, yourself and your dreams.

"Sometimes living out your dreams
Ain't as easy as it seems
You wanna fly around the world
In a beautiful balloon" (life, by desiree)

other says: unveil power of your dreams, your life value, never been there – never done that

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Explaining Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

some social networking sites offers users to choose "it's complicated" to express their current relationship status in their profile which are not so easy to describe. Sure this makes a lot of speculation to anyone who view the profile, especially the one who has relations to the profile owner. Imagine a girl find out that her spouse change the relationship status profile from "in relationship" to it's complicated". Sometimes it just like a virtual engagement ring (teenagers) heh!?!

This post is my contribution to the term "it's complicated"


case number one: almost mr. sunshine

you might have the thought that an ex male magazine sex editor wouldn't need much to acquire experience in finding woman for a night or two, at least i used to think that way. Later, I found otherwise. The hassle is always there. Last night I went to a party with a friend who meet so many he knew well. Get mingle, long-lost friend, and other social terms happened, he finally admit that better comes out with the "it's complicated" than to explain.

how do you explain that you re in "it's complicated"

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Life and Business

Sit in front of me, a close friend facing real deep business problem.. He looks very stressful that he did not say anything during his visit to my office. He even refused Stressedwhen I offered him to order lunch… “I feel numb… don’t have passion for food..”, he said. I kinda aware of his situation from everyone else but him before. His group of companies which employ more than 200 people in Jakarta and more in Surabaya is going down. No major business case happened since last year so cash flows were running slow and slower. Today, he confirmed what I heard elsewhere, that he already decided to sell the company’s 9 level building, as his last resort to keep the business running and all employee stay on board. Frankly, I have such similar problem… I’m not sure wether mine are worse or lighter than his. The outstanding debts are over 1,2 billions which is even me find it so hard to imagine that I have such a huge debt… probably you noticed that I am not a glamorous person who spend a lot on luxury stuff… I don’t even have much of anything from my spending… but daily consumption. However, it is not my only concern… the bigger problem is to maintain rational and stay alive… for those who relies on me.

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Very Talented Singer

Remember Simon from the American Idol? If you among them who hate Simon, you probably find this video below amusing. In many perspectives, I believe most will agree with my judgement… the humble mobile salesperson who sings opera is very talented and still on the back of my mind, Simon always prepare to discourage the guy…

Combination of his voice and the music were very touching… AMAZING…



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