ComScore failed to cover SouthEast Asia (Indonesia)

I don’t know if they know Indonesia is populated by hundreds of million people and we do have internet in our computers. comScore made a report on trends and prediction about Internet titled “State of Global Internet“.

Internet usage is low among Southeast Asia countries except Singapore and Malaysia

are you sure about this? I wasn’t sure they did it right in Southeast Asia coverage. The flaw begins just when they did not count Indonesia in. Simply say please look at the fact that Indonesia is no.4 in world population. Even though Indonesian Internet Users only 9% of its population, still it 4 times than the whole Singapore population (including Singaporean who never use internet).

Although Indonesian international bandwidth mostly using Singaporean or Malaysian channels, it should never be problem for a company like Comscore to trace the request origin.

Alternatively please see:

Just like other Internet geek, I like comScore but their flaw coverage on southeast Asia could mislead region specific business interest and overall internet usage mapping.